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Intellectual property, having influence on improvement of quality of goods and their consumer attributes, encourages growth of sales and getting  of super-profits.

Intellectual property, considered as a part of company's assets, essentially influences enterprise value and its financial results.
Objects of intellectual property undergo value estimation, decommissioning, amortization; they can be objects of deals: can be sold, transferred by license agreement.

Intellectual property can be accepted as an intangible asset by one of those ways:

  • acquiring for pay;
  • creation inside the organization;
  • contribution as a company's capital share;
  • compensation-free transfer from a legal entity or an individual;
  • exchange for other property (not cash).

It is especially important that all the necessary documents were valid and executed properly, as they serve as a confirmation of proper introduction of intellectual property into economical turnover and using it in business transactions.

Variants of intellectual property commercialization can be different. Companies can sell licenses on intellectual property, combine it to assets of other companies in joint venture, employ it for market (controlled by other companies) penetration, introduce new competitive products to the market, etc.