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It is typical when a company holds exclusive rights to results of intellectual activity and equivalent to them means of individualization, but doesn’t position this objects as intangible assets. When arises a question of putting intangible assets on the balance sheet, it is found out that documents confirming actual costs on their production or purchase are missing. In other cases the actual balance expenditures are too small or were attributed in prior periods to costs of sales, works or services.

Effective management of intellectual resources is impossible without accurate information on all objects of intellectual property. It requires taking unprejudiced and systematic accounting: inventory.

Inventory of the intellectual property rights and other results of research and technological activity promotes strategic development of company on the competitive market. Regular inventory of these assets is a status check of main strategic business potential.
Our company renders organizational services of carrying out inventory, revelation and recognition of operating intellectual property, legal examination and, if necessary, value estimation either for accounting purposes or sale (transfer by license agreement).