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  The purposes of valuation

The purpose of valuation is a main assignment, which is to be solved as a result of valuation. The possible purposes of valuation are listed below:

  • Contribution to company's capital; valuation of share of property rights;
  • Purchase and sale (including sale of excess assets);
  • Use of intellectual property rights through license (valuation of price of license);
  • Transfer of rights as a pledge for loan;
  • Investment in a project;
  • Privatization;
  • Commercial concession;
  • Compensation-free transfer;
  • Rights donation;
  • Rights succession;
  • Positioning in balance as an intangible asset;
  • Valuation for the purpose of international audit (according to IFRS);
  • Pricing policy management;
  • Estate division, merger and business liquidation;
  • Rights insurance;
  • Valuation of damage (lost benefit);
  • Valuation of moral damage.